Ear Surgery Instruments

Otology Instruments

All types of speculams:

  • Otoendoscope
  • Tunning Fork
  • Jobson Probe
  • Foreign Body Forcep
  • Adson Forcep
  • Fagge Forcep
  • Hartmann Forcep
  • Aural Syring
  • Plaster Self Retaining Retractor
  • Wullstain Retractor
  • Mastoid Curette
  • Farabeuf Elevator
  • Bone Holder
  • Ear Suction Cannula

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List of Ear Surgery Instruments

Tuning Forks

Specifications:CodeHZ1012128 HZ1013256 HZ1014512 HZ10151024 HZ10162048 HZ10174096 HZAdditional Information:Item Code: 10Continue

Ring Curette Buck

Specifications:CodeSize 1025SMALL1026LARGEContinue

Wagner Hook Delicate

Specifications:CodeSize (mm)1027212293Continue

Lempert Nibbling Forceps

Specifications:CodeName1037STRAIGHT1038CURVED FINEAdditional Information:Item Code: 1037Continue

EAR Speculum

UsageHospital, ClinicModel1006EMTBrandEMTMaterialSSWe manufacture different types of ear speculams as per standard norm Continue

Gruber Aural Speculum

Specifications:CodeSize (mm)100141216512176Additional Information:Item Code: 1001Continue

Hartmann - Black Aural Speculum

Specifications:CodeSize(MM)10024121851219612207Additional Information:Item Code: 1002Continue

Jobson Horne Probes

Specifications:CodeSize (CM)102016.5 cm CHILD102119 cm ADULTContinue

Eustachian Catheter

Specifications:CodeSize (MM)10182.3 MM12273.3 MM12284.3 MMAdditional Information:Item Code: 1018Continue

Lempert Endaural Speculum

1039Additional Information:Item Code: 1039Continue

Adson Forceps

T.C 17078tungstan carbideAdditional Information:Item Code: 17078Continue

Foreign Body Remover

1024Additional Information:Item Code: 1024Continue


1030Additional Information:Item Code: 1030Continue

Foreign Body Removing

1023Additional Information:Item Code: 1023Continue

Hovell Wax Loop Instruments

1022Additional Information:Item Code: 1022Continue

Hartmann Aural Forceps

1035Additional Information:Item Code: 1035Continue

Ossicle Holding Clamp

1034Additional Information:Item Code: 1034Continue

Holmgren Self Retaining Aural Speculum

1005Additional Information:Item Code: 1005Continue

Rosen Aural Speculam

1006Additional Information:Item Code: 1006Continue

Shea Aural Specula

1007Additional Information:Item Code: 1007Continue

Rosen Aural Slotted Speculum

Rosen Aural Slotted SpeculumAdditional Information:Item Code: 1008Continue

Aural Syringe All Metal With 2 Pipes Conical

1010Additional Information:Item Code: 1010Continue

Siegle Pneumatic Speculum

1011Additional Information:Item Code: 1011Continue

Wire Wax Remover

1028Additional Information:Item Code: 1028Continue

Nasal Dressing Forcep

1036AVAILABLE IN AHMEDABAD AND GUJARATAdditional Information:Item Code: 1036Continue

Wilde Aural Forceps

1031Additional Information:Item Code: 1031Continue

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