Otology Instrument

  • Micro Ear Crocodile Forcep
  • Micro Ear Cup Forcep
  • Micro Ear Scissor
  • Mc Gee Wire Closing Forcep
  • Grommet Inserter Tube
  • Polypus Forcep
  • Malleus Nipper Forcep
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List of Otology Instrument

House Measuring Rods

Specifications:CodeSize (MM)11523.51208412094.5Additional Information:Item Code: 1152Continue

Micro Hook -S.S

Specifications:CodeDegree112945*113090*Additional Information:Item Code: 1129Continue

House Curette Angled Double Ended

CategoriesCutting InstrumentsApplicationDentistry, Diaganostic Surgery, ENT Surgery, Cardiology, OrthopedicsAutomation GContinue

Surgical Cutting Burr

we provide conical burr, round burr, carbide burr, spherical burr, stainless steel burr, diamond burr for ENT, neruo andContinue

Larkin Penetrator Burr

Specifications:CodeSize (MM)11510.612570.8Additional Information:Item Code: 1151Continue

Shea Piston Depth Gauge

Specifications:CodeSize (MM)11533.51153411534.5Additional Information:Item Code: 1153Continue

Dr.Kirtane Perforator With Guard

Specifications:CodeSize (MM)11320.611330.811341  Additional Information:Item Code: 1132Continue

Plester Foot Plate Hook (Crocia)

Specifications: 11311245Additional Information:Item Code: 1131Continue

Ear Scoop

Usage/ApplicationClinic, Hospital1019Additional Information:Item Code: 1019Continue

Ear Endoscopy Instruments

UsageHospital, Laboratory, Clinic1251Additional Information:Item Code: 1251Continue

Angled Wullstein Needles

1240Additional Information:Item Code: 1240Continue

Measuring Jig

1154Additional Information:Item Code: 1154Continue

Angled Elevator

1206Additional Information:Item Code: 1206Continue

Beales Respiratory

1140Additional Information:Item Code: 1140Continue

Rosen Curette

1144Additional Information:Item Code: 1144Continue

Ball Probe

1150Additional Information:Item Code: 1150Continue

Circular Cutting Knife

1147Additional Information:Item Code: 1147Continue

Circular Cutting Knife Curved

Circular Cutting Knife CurvedAdditional Information:Item Code: 1148Continue

Circular Knife With Hole

1149Additional Information:Item Code: 1149Continue

Sickle Knife

1136Additional Information:Item Code: 1136Continue

Wullstein Needles Titanium

T-18054Additional Information:Item Code: 18054Continue

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