Laryngo Broncho Oesophagoscopy

  • Anterior Commisure Laryngoscope
  • Hypo Pharyngoscope
  • Negus Interior Commisure Laryngoscope
  • Jackson Laryngoscope
  • Laryngoscope Holder And Chest Support
  • Laryngeal Suction Tube
  • Monopolar Laryngeal Needle
  • Monopolar Laryngeal Suction Tube
  • Micro Laryngeal Probe
  • Micro Laryngeal Swab Holder
  • Micro Laryngeal Knife Straight
  • Micro Laryngeal Pick 90deg
  • Micro Laryngeal Round Knife
  • Micro Laryngeal Pleaster Oval Knife
  • Micro Laryngeal Peeling Knife
  • Micro Laryngeal Sickle Knife
  • Micro Laryngeal Forcep Straight
  • Micro Laryngeal Cup Forcep
  • Micro Laryngeal Serrated Jaw Forcep
  • Micro Laryngeal Scissor Forcep
  • Patterson Biopsy Forcep
  • Biopsy Punch Forcep
  • Jackson Grasping Forcep
  • Foreign Body Forcep
  • Vocal Nodule Forcep
  • Bronchscopey Forcep 35 Cm
  • Bronchoscope
  • Oesophagoscope
  • Bronchoscope Suction Tube
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List of Laryngo Broncho Oesophagoscopy

Flexible Rhino Laryngo Pharyngoscope

Features :High resolution fiber optic image guide; 9800 Pixel Single fiber diameter 10 micron High flexibility through iContinue


UsagePersonal, Clinic, HospitalBrandEMTModelEMTMaterialSTAINLESS STEELAutomation GradeAutomaticSize (cm)27MMWe have moreContinue

Micro Laryngeal Scissors Straight

Size 25cmAdditional Information:Item Code: 6026Continue

Bronchoscope With Fiber Light Carrier

Bronchoscope With Fiber Light CarrierAdditional Information:Item Code: 6058Continue

Micro Laryngeal Forceps Cup Jaw Straight

Micro Laryngeal Forceps Cup Jaw StraightAdditional Information:Item Code: 6021Continue

Micro Laryngeal Forceps Cup Jaw

Upward Size 25cmAdditional Information:Item Code: 6025Continue

Jackson Foreign Body Forceps

Jackson Foreign Body ForcepsAdditional Information:Item Code: 6037Continue

Micro Laryngeal Forceps Cup Jaw Curved Right

Size 25cmAdditional Information:Item Code: 6023Continue

Micro Laryngeal Forceps Cup Jaw Curved Left

Size 25cmAdditional Information:Item Code: 6024Continue

Vocal Nodule Forceps

Vocal Nodule ForcepsAdditional Information:Item Code: 6041Continue

Jackson Grasping Forceps

Jackson Grasping ForcepsAdditional Information:Item Code: 6033Continue

Bronchoscope Suction Tubes

Bronchoscope Suction TubesAdditional Information:Item Code: 6070Continue

Micro Laryngeal Scissors Curved Right

Size 25cmAdditional Information:Item Code: 6027Continue

Micro Laryngeal

Forceps Serrated JawCurved Right 25cmAdditional Information:Item Code: 6018Continue

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