Rhinology Instruments

  • Killian Nasal Speculam 
  • Hartman Nasal Speculam 
  • Thudicum Nasal Speculam
  • Cottle Columella Forcep
  • Cottle Retractor
  • Skin Hook
  • Ballenger Swivel Knife
  • Cottle Upper Retractor
  • Alar Retractor
  • Kilner Retractor
  • Tilly Septum Gouge V Gouge
  • Killian Nasal Gouge
  • Tilley Lichtwitz Antral Trocar And Cannula
  • Smr Elevator
  • Howarth Elevator
  • Lucs Forcep
  • Suction With Dissector
  • Freer Elevator
  • Turbinectomy Scissor

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List of Rhinology Instruments

Suction With Disscetor

Operation ModeManualModel Name/NumberEMT2015Usage/ApplicationMedicalBrandEMTMaterialStainless Steelemt2015Additional InfContinue

Nasal Speculum

UsageClinic, HospitalModel2008EMTColorGRAYMaterialSSBrandEMTwe manufacture it from high quality steel with precision meaContinue

Cottle Retractor Blunt 2013 Alar Retractor

2009Additional Information:Item Code: 2009Continue

Joseph Retractor Fine Sharp

P-12205Additional Information:Item Code: 12205Continue

Howarth Elevator

2022Additional Information:Item Code: 2022Continue

Joseph Nasal Elevator

2024Additional Information:Item Code: 2024Continue

Heymann Turbinectomy Scissors

Heymann TurbinectomyAdditional Information:Item Code: 2029Continue

Heymann Turbinectomy - Tungsten Carbide

Heymann Turbinectomy - Tungsten CarbideAdditional Information:Item Code: 17068Continue

Septum Cutting Punch

Septum Cutting PunchAdditional Information:Item Code: 2063Continue

Knapp Scissors Tungsten Carbide Straight

Knapp Scissors Tungsten Carbide StraightAdditional Information:Item Code: 17035-37Continue

Stevens Scissors Straight - Super Cut

Stevens Scissors Straight - Super CutAdditional Information:Item Code: 17047-17049Continue

Stevens Scissors Straight Tungsten Carbide

Stevens Scissors Straight Tungsten CarbideAdditional Information:Item Code: 17043-17045Continue

Stevens Scissors Straight - S.S

Stevens Scissors Straight - S.SAdditional Information:Item Code: 2055Continue

Knapp Scissors Straight

Knapp Scissors StraightAdditional Information:Item Code: 2051Continue

Septum Cutting Scissors

Septum Cutting ScissorsAdditional Information:Item Code: 2122Continue

Cottle Retractor Sharp

2010Additional Information:Item Code: 2010Continue

Antral Wash Rubber Syringe

2050Additional Information:Item Code: 2050Continue

Killian Nasal Speculum With Fiber Optic Light 7.5Cm

2006Additional Information:Item Code: 2006Continue

Hartman Nasal Speculum

2005Additional Information:Item Code: 2005Continue

Gillies Skin Hook

2011Additional Information:Item Code: 2011Continue

Ballenger Swivel Knife Bayonet

2027Additional Information:Item Code: 2027Continue

Cottle Upper Retractor

2012Additional Information:Item Code: 2012Continue

Alar Retractor

2013Additional Information:Item Code: 2013Continue

Kilner Retractor

2014Additional Information:Item Code: 2014Continue

Tilley Septum Gouge V-Shape

2025Additional Information:Item Code: 2025Continue

Killian Nasal Gouge

2026Additional Information:Item Code: 2026Continue

Cottle Elevator Slight Curved

2020Additional Information:Item Code: 2020Continue

Dr. V.P. Sood Elevator

2023Additional Information:Item Code: 2023Continue

Cottle Septal Scissors

Cottle Septal ScissorsAdditional Information:Item Code: 2060Continue

IRIS Scissor Straight Tungsten Carbide

IRIS Scissor Straight Tungsten CarbideAdditional Information:Item Code: 17031-17023-17025Continue

Iris Scissors

UsageClinic, Hospitalwe manufacture all type of iris scissorsAdditional Information:Item Code: EMT2059Continue

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