Tonsil Instruments

  • Tongue Depressor
  • Negus Tonsil Forcep
  • Birkett Tonsil Forcep
  • Tonsil Scissor
  • Wilson  Antary Forcep
  • Denis Brown Tonsil Holding Forcep
  • Colver Tonsil Holding Forcep 
  • Tonsil Needle Holder
  • Negus Pusher Knot Tier
  • Eve Tonsil Snare
  • Tonsil Piller With Retractor
  • Tonsil Knife
  • Tongue Tie Probe
  • Adenoid Curette
  • Waugh Tonsil Dissection Forcep
  • Boyle Davis Mouth Gag
  • Doughty Slotted Mouth Gag
  • Bipod Stand
  • Dingmann Mouth Gag
  • Jenning Mouth Gag
  • Heister Mouth Gag
  • Doyan Mouth Gag

List of Tonsil Instruments

Tonsil Fine

Tonsil FineAdditional Information:Item Code: 4006Continue

Negus Pusher Knot Tier

Negus Pusher Knot TierAdditional Information:Item Code: 4011Continue

Eve Tonsil Snare

Eve Tonsil SnareAdditional Information:Item Code: 4012Continue

Tonsil Fine Metzenbaum Scissor T.C.

Tonsil Fine T.CAdditional Information:Item Code: 17004Continue

Tongue Depressor

Tongue DepressorAdditional Information:Item Code: 4001Continue

Negus Tonsil Artery Forcep Half Curved

Negus Tonsil Artery Forcep Half CurvedAdditional Information:Item Code: 4002Continue

Negus Tonsil Artery Forcep Full Curved

Negus Tonsil artery forcep full curvedAdditional Information:Item Code: 4003Continue

Colver Tonsil Forceps

Colver TonsilAdditional Information:Item Code: 4009Continue

Tonsil Dissector

BrandEMTHanke Tonsil Dissector one side serratedAdditional Information:Item Code: 4015Continue

Tonsil Retractor

Tonsil Pillar Retractor & DissectorAdditional Information:Item Code: 4016Continue

Tonsil Needle Holder T.C

Tonsil Needle Holder T.CAdditional Information:Item Code: 17088Continue

Tonsil Needle

Tonsil NeedleAdditional Information:Item Code: 4041Continue

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