General Instruments

  • Spencer Wells Artery Forcep
  • Mosqito Forcep
  • Kellys Artery Forcep
  • Kochers Forcep
  • Heiss Artery Forcep
  • Dissecting Forcep
  • Bonny Dissecting Forcep
  • Sinus Dressing Forcep
  • Mayo Hegars Needle Holder
  • Bozemann Needle Holder
  • Gillies Needle Holder
  • Debaky Needle Holder
  • Kilner Needle Holder
  • Wire Holding Forcep Dressing Scissor
  • Mayos Scissor
  • Heaths Suture Removal Scissor
  • Potts Angles Scissor
  • Laheys Forcep
  • Allis Tissue Grasping Forcep
  • Bab Cock Grasping Forcep
  • Lanes Tissue Forcep
  • Mixtures Ligature Forcep
  • Gall Blader Forcep
  • Gray Cholectomy Clamps

List of General Instruments

Electro Surgical Cautery Unit

Exclusive FeaturesAdvance Embedded Technology based Micro ControllerSolid State C.M.O.S. integrated circuits.Totally DigContinue

NSK Micromotor

Latest and hi tech nsk micromotor introduced by company  recentlyask for more detailsContinue


ConditionNewBody MaterialTitanium/SiliconeUsage/ApplicationClinical,PersonalLittle Lotta Ventriculus51731We have gained Continue

Contra Angle Handpiece

we provides all types of handpieceNSKMARATHON STRONGAND  IN STRAIGHT AND CONTRA ANGLE TYPEAdditional InformatiContinue

Artery Forcep

Item Code4017RShapeCURVEDBrandEMTMaterialSSApplicationFOR TONSILLECTOMYWILSON Artery ForcepAdditional Information:Pay MoContinue

Nsk Handpiece

SpeedLow Speed TypesElectric Bur MaterialTungsten Pieces/Pack1RPM40000We offer straight NSK and marathon hand piece withContinue

Needle Holder

MaterialSSBrandEMTSize6"ColorgaryTip Width (Millimeter)TC17235EMTwe manufacture all type of needle holder in ss and tungContinue

Ear Piercing Gun

MaterialgoldGenderallUsageProfessionalApplicable Age Group >50 years, 0-10 years, all, 30-40 years, 10-20 years, 20-30 yContinue

Micro Spring Scissors Straight Tungsten Carbide

Micro Spring Scissors Straight Tungsten CarbideAdditional Information:Item Code: P-12028Continue

Surgical Instruments Manufacturer

Our reputed entity is engaged in supplying Mosquito Forceps.Additional Information:Item Code: T-18082Continue

ENT Micro Motors

ENT Micro MotorsAdditional Information:Item Code: 6161EMTContinue

Green Berg Scissors

Green Berg ScissorsAdditional Information:Item Code: 2120Continue

Micro Spring With Lock Straight Tungsten Carbide

Micro Spring with Lock Straight Tungsten CarbideAdditional Information:Item Code: TC-17111Continue

Micro Straight Handpiece With 40,000 RPM

Micro Straight Handpiece with 40,000 RPMAdditional Information:Item Code: 6134Continue

Ent Drill

Ent DrillAdditional Information:Item Code: 6137Continue

Micro Forceps

Micro ForcepsAdditional Information:Item Code: 6075Continue

Micro Spring Scissors

Micro Spring ScissorsAdditional Information:Item Code: 6081Continue

Micro Spring Needle Holders

Micro Spring Needle HoldersAdditional Information:Item Code: 7427Continue

Micro Spring Needle Holders With Lock Curved Titanium

Micro Spring Needle Holders with Lock Curved TitaniumAdditional Information:Item Code: T-18077Continue

Cheatle Forceps

Cheatle ForcepsAdditional Information:Item Code: 6085Continue

Kilner Needle Holders Fine

Kilner Needle Holders FineAdditional Information:Item Code: 6087Continue

Ryder Needle Holder

Ryder Needle HolderAdditional Information:Item Code: TC-17232Continue

Mosquito Forceps Straight

We are a top notch supplier Mosquito Forceps.Additional Information:Item Code: 6089Continue


AtomiserAdditional Information:Item Code: 6091Continue

Formalin Chamber

Formalin ChamberAdditional Information:Item Code: 6096Continue

Silicon Tube

Silicon TubeAdditional Information:Item Code: 6102Continue

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