Otologic Operating Instruments

  • Wullstain Needle
  • Sickle Knife
  • Pick
  • Ball Probe
  • P Knife
  • Foot Plate Hook
  • Perforator
  • Elevator
  • Plaster Knife
  • Circular Knife
  • Measuring Jig
  • Measuring Road
  • Shea Piston Depth Jig

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List of Otologic Operating Instruments


MaterialMildsteelModelBasicBrandEmtecounitUsageHospital, Clinicwe MANUFACTURE all type of ent treatment unit with all stContinue


1155We offer all types of cutting burr in stainless steel, carbide and diamondWe provide in all sizes0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0,Continue

Malleus Nipper

Specifications:CodeNameEX-1202UpEX-1203DownAdditional Information:Item Code: 1202Continue

Micro Aural Cup Medical Forceps Extra Fine

Specifications:CodeNameEX-1194Fine straightEX-1195Fine left curvedEX-1196Fine right curvedEX-1197Fine upwardAdditional IContinue

Micro Aural Cup Surgical Forcep Titanium

Specifications:CodeNameT-18313Fine straightAdditional Information:Item Code: 18313Continue


MaterialSSUsageHospital, Clinical, SEPTOPLASTYModelROUNDBrandEMTStainless steel burr diamond bur conical bur tungstan caContinue

Crocodile Forceps

Specifications:CodeNameEX-1189STRAIGHT (O.P.D) OFFICE USE BIG SIZEEX-1259Fine Straight 3 MMEX-1260Fine Straight 5 MMEX-1Continue

House Curette Double Ended

1135Additional Information:Item Code: 1135Continue

Micro Pick Titanium

T-18057Additional Information:Item Code: 18057Continue

Conical Burr

1184Additional Information:Item Code: 1184Continue

Sickle Knife Titanium

T-18062Additional Information:Item Code: 18062Continue

Ball Probe Titanium

T-18315Additional Information:Item Code: 18315Continue

Tungsten Carbide Currms Burr (T-C)

1167Additional Information:Item Code: 1167Continue

Diamond Paste Burr

1174Additional Information:Item Code: 1174Continue

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