Rhinoplasty Instruments

  • Walsham Septum Straightening Forcep
  • Walsham Septum Frocep Left And Right
  • Ash Septum Forcep
  • Watson Nasal Polypus Forcep
  • Aufright Nasal Retractor
  • Mallet
  • Silver Chisel Right
  • Osteotome 
  • Gouge
  • Nasal Rasp
  • Caliper Straight
  • Carilage Crusher
  • Biposy Forcep
  • Iris Scissor
  • Green Burg Scissor
  • Septum Cutting Scissor
  • Septum Cutting Punch
  • Cottle Septul Scissor
  • Foman Angular Scissor

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List of Rhinoplasty Instruments

Septum Moralizer

TypeNon-DisposableMaterialStainless SteelCategoriesCutting Instruments, Retractors, Accessories And Implants, Holding InContinue


CategoriesCutting Instruments, Retractors, Accessories And Implants, Haemostatic forceps, Holding InstrumentsApplicationContinue

Green Berg Scissors (Kilner) Straight - Tungsten Carbide

Green Berg Scissors (Kilner) Straight - Tungsten CarbideAdditional Information:Item Code: 17051-17053Continue

Green Berg Scissors (Kilner) Straight - Super Cut

Green Berg Scissors (Kilner) Straight - Super CutAdditional Information:Item Code: 17057-17059Continue

Aufright Nasal Retractor With Fiberoptic Light

Aufright Nasal Retractor with Fiberoptic LightAdditional Information:Item Code: 2069Continue

Aufright Nasal Retractor

Aufright Nasal RetractorAdditional Information:Item Code: 2070Continue

Nasal Retractor

Nasal RetractorAdditional Information:Item Code: 2144Continue

Silver Chisel Left Rohtoinloolgoyg

Silver Chisel Left RohtoinloolgoygAdditional Information:Item Code: 2071Continue

Silver Chisel Right

Silver Chisel RightAdditional Information:Item Code: 2072Continue

Joseph Nasal Saw Left

Joseph Nasal Saw LeftAdditional Information:Item Code: 2098-2099Continue

Gillies Chisel

Gillies ChiselAdditional Information:Item Code: 2077Continue

Gillies Gouge

Gillies GougeAdditional Information:Item Code: 2083Continue

Joseph Nasal Rasp Fine

Joseph Nasal Rasp FineAdditional Information:Item Code: 2101Continue

Joseph Nasal Rasp

Joseph Nasal RaspAdditional Information:Item Code: 2103Continue

Caliper Straight

Caliper StraightAdditional Information:Item Code: 2116Continue

Humby Skin Grafting Handle

Humby Skin Grafting HandleAdditional Information:Item Code: 2118Continue

Watson Skin Grafting Handle

Watson Skin Grafting HandleAdditional Information:Item Code: P-12121Continue

Catlage Crusher

Catlage CrusherAdditional Information:Item Code: 2114Continue

Walsham Septum Straightening Forceps

Walsham Septum Straightening ForcepsAdditional Information:Item Code: 2064Continue

ASH Septum Forceps

ASH Septum ForcepsAdditional Information:Item Code: 2067Continue

Silver Skin Grafting Knife For Saving Blades USE

Silver Skin Grafting Knife For Saving Blades USEAdditional Information:Item Code: 2117Continue

Foman Angular Forceps

Foman AngularAdditional Information:Item Code: 2033Continue

Cottle Columella Medical Forceps

2142Additional Information:Item Code: 2142Continue

Watson Williams Nasal Polypus Forceps

Watson Williams Nasal Polypus ForcepsAdditional Information:Item Code: 2061Continue


MalletAdditional Information:Item Code: 2104Continue

Gillies Osteotome

Gillies OsteotomeAdditional Information:Item Code: 2089Continue

Osteotome Moon Type Surgical Instruments

Osteotome Moon Type Surgical InstrumentsAdditional Information:Item Code: P-12052Continue

Measuring Osteotome

Measuring OsteotomeAdditional Information:Item Code: 2095Continue

Cottle Rasp Tungsten Carbide

Cottle Rasp Tungsten CarbideAdditional Information:Item Code: 17125Continue

Instrument Box

SIZE 20x10x6CMAdditional Information:Item Code: 2109Continue

Autoclave Instrument

Autoclave InstrumentAdditional Information:Item Code: 2110Continue

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